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Welcome to Isamu Psychologist Amsterdam West! Thanks for taking the time to see how Isamu could be the right step for you.

Isamu is a young and ambitious practice, located in Amsterdam West near Sloterdijk Station, founded by GZ psychologist Robbert Houtman (1979). He has the highest level of skills and experience on multiple fields, including trauma, burn-out, anxiety and depression.

Isamu stands for speed and efficiency. Treatment is as short as possible (but as long as needed) and waiting lists are short. In general the therapy will be reimbursed by your insurance between 70% to 100%, based on your type of insurance and type of complaints.

Making an appointment is often the first step of recovery!

Areas of Expertise

At Isamu there is psychotherapy for a broad arrange of psychological problems and complaints and with different type of treatments (f.e. EMDR and elements of ACT (mindfulness)). In the basis the treatment is Cognitive Behavorial Therapy (CBT). This varies between offering Evidence -Based protocols versus more ‘tailor made’ treatment, if needed or on request.

In a broader sense the therapy process will always be about recovery and growth. This means the focus is on you and your relationships and the place you take in the world. But the focus is also on your internal world: improving and strengthening the bond you have with yourself!

How to get started

To plan an intake you just need to fill in the contact form. You will be responded to as soon as possible. But to be eligible for reimbursement by your insurance it is very imported that you first arrange a referral letter for the Basic GGZ before the intake (the date on the letter should be before the intake). This letter goes through your GP.


Therapy takes place in what is called the Basic Health Care (Basic GGZ). For privacy concerns for my clients and to keep the highest treatment autonomy Isamu has decided to decline contracts with insurance companies and to work ‘out-of-network’ or ‘uncontracted’ (a national trend, as insurance companies try to get more and more leverage over therapists, what seems to threaten even basic privacy rights of clients).

Costs and funding

Because the therapy is ‘unconctracted’ you are expected to prefund the sessions first yourself. The costs are 100 euro per session of 45 minutes. After finishing a trajectory of maximum 12 sessions (in theory multiple trajectories are possible per year) you can get the reimbursement by submitting the End Note to your insurance.

Based on the type of insurance you will get 70% to 100% reimbursed. It is 100% if you have an out-of-network coverage, or a ‘free choice’ policy. By law there should be a minimum coverage of 70% (regardless your insurance). It is also good to know in Holland  there is a yearly ‘Own Risk’ (Eigen Risico). For the whole of your yearly health consumption the first 385 euro’s aren’t reimbursed.